Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just A Small First (But a Big One for Me)

We used to have a big white cat. Every day when I got home from work he would come to the door to greet me and 'stripe' me (as big, white, shedding cats are prone to do as they rub past your leg). Eventually he got old and difficult to care for, and a few months after the Bear was born, Momma Bear said it was time for him to go. I protested, and amongst other things used this daily greeting as an example (one among many) of something that I would really miss. Momma Bear promised that soon enough the Bear would be greeting me at the door, and that this would also make my day. So off went the cat - to the outlaws, where he lived quite happily for another year or so - and I waited for the day when the Bear would start coming to the door to greet me.

But the Bear, despite being very affectionate with me at other times, never came. She will often give a big smile, and sometimes get up to greet me after IBI, where she's waiting on the couch by the door when I come in. This alone is special - the couch there is a big comfy magnet for her, and she doesn't willingly jump off of it for just anyone - but she never did this at home.

Yesterday I got home from work as usual. Normally I go in, and after getting stuff put away and settled I go and find the Bear and spend some time with her. Not yesterday though.

After bringing in the groceries I started taking my boots off, and Momma Bear called out, as she sometimes does, "[Bear], Daddy's home! Daddy's at the front door." I heard the Bear bouncing on the mini-trampoline (she loves to bounce on it on her butt) in the living room (yes, living room - where do you keep your mini-trampoline?), but then the noise stopped, and I heard the pitter patter of tiny footsteps down the hall. The Bear peeked round the corner, looked at me, gave me a big smile and quickly came over to greet me. I went down on one knee, and she came over and sat on my lap and leaned into me (a 'Bear' hug). This was the first time that she had ever come to greet me at the front door.

I told her how nice it was that she came to see me, thanked her, told her I loved her and missed her all afternoon (I do the shuttle between IBI and Junior Kindergarten, so I see her at lunch), and picked her up for a big hug and a spin. Daddy is a big amusement park full of assorted rides and spins, and the Bear loves all of them.

Hopefully she will come to the door to greet me again soon. But regardless, this first was special, and easily the best greeting I've ever had. I still sometimes miss the cat, but I now have the prospect of other special welcomes to look forward to.


Artemisia said...

Delurking to say "yay, Bear!"

That's a pretty big first, in my opinion. It shows a growing awareness of her relationship with you.

I've enjoyed reading your blog, glad you are back and posting.

Frogs' mom said...

Isn't that the best! Frog is doing more of this too - he is also into sneaking up on us and hugging our legs. But he has conditioned us to startle, because he occasionally gets so excited he bites! We try so hard not to give the wrong impression by tensing or pulling away from his hugs - it's hard to quash the reflex. It is nice to get those moments that are all thier own - no scripting, no prompting just the twinkle in the eye :0)

Anonymous said...

Never small... always a big step.

Those parents of "normal" kids miss out on these steps b/c they take them for granted.

Our trampoline is outside, b/c inside they'd bounce into the fireplace.


Anonymous said...

oh, ian. this made me cry. so beautiful.

María Luján said...

Hi Ian

Glad to read your posts.

Yes, these special smiles of welcome are wonderful.

I work near 10 kilometers from the special school of my son and it is difficult to me to plan the time- therefore I generally am late by 10 minutes to pick up him from there. Generally my son´s grandma -my mom- picks him up . But she also has other three children- my brothers and one sister- that needs her sometimes therefore these days I have to do the trip-The school has several steps in the entrance and my son waits for me with his shadow , sitting on the first step of the stairs; looking at the doors that are near 30 meters from the them.
He smiles from the second he sees me- and I am arriving from the parked car running; and his smile is growing and growing up to a real laugh. He generally looks at his shadow and also laughs when he sees me. It is like "Look, this is my mom" and he hugs me with all his force and happiness "mom is here!".
I think you can imagine why I consider these, like you do, "these special moments in time" to remember.